New exhibition halls: Update for BAU

Some things are worth waiting for: From 2019 onwards BAU will have the use of an additional two new exhibition halls, bringing 20,000 square meters more space. This gives the team at BAU the chance of at least partly meeting the high demand for exhibition space and of integrating new themes into the show. Here, in brief, are the main changes and new developments:

  • One new theme at BAU will be natural and artificial lighting. This new exhibition section will take up a part of Hall C2. Exhibitors in this segment (shading, light domes) have already been present in different halls, but now they will now be brought together in one section. In addition this gives us the opportunity of attracting new exhibitors to BAU from the segment of lighting and lighting concepts.
  • Another new exhibition section is on smart building. This section shares Hall C2 with the section on lighting. Exhibitors of building automation are being brought together here to form a link with the existing sections on facade systems, doors/windows and energy technology.
  • The extension of existing exhibition sections (chemical building products/tools and floor coverings) opens up an opportunity to at least partly reduce the waiting list in these areas. Likewise the wishes of some exhibitors for more space can in some cases also be met.
  • The section on glass, so far located in Hall C2, is moving to Hall C3. BAU IT is moving from Hall C3 to Hall C5 (see article on “Topping out ceremony for the new exhibition halls” on page 8).

»The two new halls give us a chance to meet requests for more space, to at least partly reduce the waiting list and also to integrate new and exciting themes into BAU.«
Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer, Deputy CEO, Messe München

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