New halls nearing completion

Green safety nets under the roof frame protect the workers on the ground from falling objects.

Work is progressing well on the construction of the two new exhibition halls which will deliver around 20,000 square meters of extra space at BAU from 2019 onwards. On June 20, we celebrated the official topping-out ceremony. In May 2018 they will be used at the environmental technology trade fair IFAT. That will be just two years since the start of construction.

Once these two halls are finished the Messe München exhibition center will be complete, as per the original plans. Then the site will offer 18 exhibition halls, totaling 200,000 square meters of exhibition space, plus around 400,000 square meters of outdoor exhibition space. The cost of around €105 million is being financed by Messe München alone, without any subsidies from its shareholders.

Since work started on site on June 28, 2016, progress has been good. The first stage was to dig the channels for the technical installations. Then the concrete constructors formed giant grids of heavy steel as a basis for the reinforced concrete walls. Step by step the walls for Halls C5, C6 and the Conference Center North grew in height. Not far from the building site workers put together over a period of several months the trusses for the new hall roofs. These were then brought to the site by special transporters and the 26 roof trusses for Halls C5 and C6 lifted into position by crane. In total, 5,700 tonnes of steel went into the two new halls and the adjacent “Conference Center Nord”.

It was back in 1998 when Messe München moved to the new site in Munich-Riem. At that time there were twelve exhibition halls, and plans to extend this to 18. “Already, with four leading world trade fairs, all the halls are fully booked: for bauma, BAU, IFAT and ISPO,” reported Messe München´s Chairman and CEO Klaus Dittrich at the topping-out ceremony for the new halls. “And the number of exhibitors and visitors coming to Munich from abroad is also rising continually.” Ilse Aigner, Bavaria´s Economics Minister and First Deputy Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of Messe München, sees the two halls as “important steps towards a successful future”. Munich´s Lord Mayor, Dieter Reiter, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, explained: “Messe München plays a part in the economic success of the whole region.”

At each edition of BAU, too, the available hall space has been fully booked. “This was something that we could not and did not want to accept over the long term,” explains Dr. Reinhard Pfeiffer, the Messe München director responsible for BAU. “The two new halls give us the chance to at least in part reduce the waiting list, and also to integrate new and future-oriented themes into BAU.” (See also site plan).



High-precision work: Positioning the roof trusses.

The trusses for the hall roofs were brought to the site on special transporters.

All pulling together: Messe München and its shareholders at the topping-out ceremony (l. to r.): Franz Xaver Peteranderl, President of the Chamber of Trade for Munich and Upper Bavaria; Klaus Dittrich, Chairman and CEO of Messe München; Dieter Reiter, Lord Mayor of Munich; and Peter Driessen, Managing Director of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce for Munich and Upper Bavaria.