New key visual for BAU 2019

Creativity, innovations strength and sustainable building – that is BAU. And it is precisely these strengths that are again reflected in the new visual for BAU 2019.

The multiple award-winning image campaign of recent years has now been further developed by the Wiesbaden-based advertising agency kraft & adel, in cooperation with Tom Krieger, a long-standing illustrator of the BAU motifs.

The aim was to project the innovativeness and dynamism of “The future of building”. The following questions were addressed: What unites planners, architects and the building trades? And what does the future of building look like?

The answers: The house forms the focus, it is the emotional core of building, around which everything revolves. In the futuristic “tree house” we come within touching distance of the real future of building. Because sustainable, energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and resource-saving building by people for people will play a big part in shaping the future of building.

And so, with this new key visual, BAU will again in 2019 be presenting itself as a reliable and innovative technology platform and ideas generator for the entire building sector.